Prisons and schools like many South Africans played a big part in the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day Good Wool Cup at the Union Building in Pretoria on Tuesday.

Jeppe High School for Girls, where Carolyn Steyn founder of 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day is a former student, contributed 408 blankets.
Some students from the school say it’s a honour to contribute to the initiative. "I did it with a mind-set that I can contribute to somebody’s life. I think it is really nice considering what is happening in the country. This is like to bring the country together," says matric student Sharleen Masango.

The students got everyone they know involved, from their parents to their grandmothers, to community members.

School learners were not the only ones that took part in the initiative, inmates from various prisons also made a contribution.

"I am very amazed that such a woman (Carolyn Steyn) went into a maximum prison to teach hard core prisoners to crochet. It was like taking a lamb and throwing into a den filled with six lions," says South African Prisoners Organisations for Human Rights' Golden Miles Bhudu.