A Message from Carolyn

Good morning dearest KnitWits for Madiba,

I am so immensely proud of each and every single one of you. As I scroll down our page each and every day, I am just amazed by the fire, passion and dedication that I see. 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day has really and truly exploded into a "movement" and from what I see, has no intention of ever slowing down!!!

What was once seen as "Carolyn's little tea party" has now become a movement, and is reaching far and wide. People are coming together from all walks of life - different races, different religions, different ages, different socio-economic backgrounds  - all with one goal in common - to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than themselves.

I see knitathons happening here, there and everywhere!! In schools, old age homes, hotels, homes, parks, restaurants and even prisons!! Not just in South Africa but all around the world.

We have become one big family - binding together through bright, colorful thread.


The stories you are telling of how 67 Blankets has changed not only your life but how it is touching so many THOUSANDS of lives really makes me so very proud. As you all know, this explosion of "good wool" was never my intention, I really wanted 67 blankets to hand over to Zelda. Challenge accepted. Challenge done!! Then I could go back to my life, back to the pool and read my book. This was not to be!! 67 Blankets has truly changed my life for good. Thanks to you all, I have a real PURPOSE!! You drive me, you make me feel alive and needed. Every day brings new challenges, new duties, new excitement, new beginnings.

What a joyous journey the past year and a half has been. Together we have realised so many milestones in our short history - we gave birth to a gigantic award CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR after just 9 months, we SMASHED the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD on April 21 this year at the Union Buildings. This was South Africa's WOOL CUP where we were ALL players!! We also launched into every single jail in South Africa (243 jails) on August 7, 2015 with the signing of an MOU with National Commissioner, Zach Modise and we have formed a great partnership with the Department of Correctional Services.  We have even recorded a special 67 Blankets SONG with PJ Powers, Timothy Moloi and Proverb which has just been released. Each download will raise funds to help us with our 67 Blankets journey. They lyrics were written by 11 year old Ella Grealy (my godchild) and two prison inmates.  And we have plans to put together a COFFEE TABLE BOOK. 

There are very few (if any!) fledgling charities that can claim to be as high tech as we are. With the incredible donation of a CRM system by AdvanceNet, we are able to tag and track each and every one of our blankets! Who made it and where it ends up! How awesome is that!! Debbie Hemsley Kaltenbrunn and Phil Hemsley have helped take us to new heights technologically. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kerryn Gordon from the AdvanceNet Group for creating this AMAZING WEBSITE for us all to enjoy!!! 

Dearest KnitWits - CAN YOU BELIEVE ALL THIS???? !!!! I am truly overwhelmed and still pinch myself every day. This is a beautiful dream being played out - and we are ALL players in the realisation of this extraordinary time where stitch by stitch we are weaving together great friendships, weaving together communities, weaving together one big family; knitting together our fragmented society - and making the world a smaller, friendlier, tighter woven and more loving place.

I have hats. And I take them off to you ALL !!! Stitch by stitch we pledge to keep thousands upon thousands of people less fortunate than ourselves warmer over all the winters to come, in the name of our beloved father of our nation, Tata Nelson Mandela (Madiba).   We will never allow him and the ideals he stood for to be forgotten.

My love and grateful thanks to you all. Long may we continue to spread our "goodwool".